The County Alcohol and Drug Program Administrators’ Association of California (CADPAAC) is a non-profit organization comprised of the designated county alcohol and drug program administrators representing the 58 counties within California.

Mission Statement & Role of CADPAAC

CADPAAC is dedicated to the reduction of individual and community problems (from public safety to education, to health care) related to the use of alcohol and other drugs.

CADPAAC recognizes the central role of county alcohol and drug program administrators in relation to the county alcohol and drug program, the local community, and the state/county partnership for effective provision of alcohol and drug treatment and prevention services throughout California. As an organization, CADPAAC is pro-active and an advocate and promoter of solutions to alcohol and drug related issues.

Because counties are political subdivisions of the state, we participate in the development of program standards, regulations, and consultation with ADP on major policy and administrative issues, CADPAAC advocates for policy and procedural change which will enhance the ability of alcohol and drug programs to positively impact alcohol and drug related problems in California.

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